[bug-14972]Audit log for Perspective client

We have been waiting similar Audit log functionality for Perspective clients as there are for Vision clients.

I noticed that there is such a component published in Exchange but it seems that it is not capable of logging any events done by users in Perspective client. So this does not really help.

When we can expect to have audit log that logs Perspective client actions?

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Perspective auditing is high on our list. Possibly as soon as 8.0.6 (8.0.5 RC should be out this week), but with the release train model, there are no guarantees of specific features in specific versions.

Great, thanks for the information, really appreciated for your quick response.

These items are not working, that should be per:

  • The designer has no logout button, so logouts cannot be audited. (that I can find…)
  • Designer saves are not audited. (Both perspective and vision when changes are made.)
  • Publishing a project is not audited. (edit and save, as well as creating a new project.)
  • Deleting a project is not audited.
  • Modifying the user database is not audited. (database updates are supposed to be audited, and it specifies that the default user source uses an internal database, but that is not showing up in the audit database.)
  • Calling a named query that updates a sql table doesn’t get audited.
  • Executing a stored procedure isn’t getting audited. (ex. system.db.runQuery(“EXEC sp_who;”) )

It’s really tough to build a validation standard based on documentation when the documentation isn’t validated. It doesn’t improve my confidence when the documentation contains the phrase ‘it seems to be’.

That documentation is plainly wrong, and needs to be amended. I’ve rallied the troops.

That said - yes, you are correct, auditing is not currently where it needs to be. Both Perspective and the new project system in 8.0 are completely absent from auditing - something we’re aware of, and which is high on our list to fix. The last two items on your list also seem like bugs - I’ll do some investigation, because those would be independent regressions from existing behavior.

Specifically regarding updating the internal user source - that’s not included with “database updates”, because it’s not an external database. Auditing our internal database for changes to configuration is also on our list, but it’s not a bug that internal user source updates aren’t audited.

An update I heard today for those curious:

I can tell you auditing is a major priority right now. Our development team is currently working on that in Perspective. We are targeting 8.0.7.



Doesn’t look like this has been implemented in 8.0.7. Any more updates?

Yes, it’s merged in for 8.0.8, which should get a release candidate in the next few days.


We are looking at the Perspective Audit log from 8.0.8 RC1 build.
Have below observations/questions w.r.t. data that we are seeing in the audit log.

  1. The logout action never records an Actor. Please see attached csv fileaudit_events.csv (20.4 KB) ( First three records are created when demo user is logged out) however looking at these records there is no way to understand which user has been logged out. Would this be implemented in later versions ?
  2. Would views navigation event be logged ?
  3. For Login action as well, three records are created in the audit log with Action as Login Request, Login Response and Web Auth Status Change. As I understand these three together mean “Login” from end user’s point of view. Would there be single record with action as Login instead of three different records ?

We use this audit log in order to find out various actions that user has done during a session, however with the above information it does not seem possible to identify distinct user sessions.

Appreciate if you could share information in this regard.



Currently using 8.0.9 and am not able to find an audit log component.
Tried to use the Exchange component, but for some reason it’s polling rate in the app is broken.
It updates the log every second no matter the poll rate. From the browser it works like a charm.
Are there any news in this field?

Use a table and a query binding, and you’re able to poll at whatever rate you choose. I don’t have an ETA on a first-party audit log viewer component.

Auditing still isn’t working for me. Is this now resolved in the perspective client ? And if so where should I be looking to fix it ?

What does that actually mean? Have you enabled auditing for your project(s), in the project properties in the designer?

Sorry yes auditing is working as normal in designer but not in the perspective client. Is there a solution for the perspective client ? We’re running 8.0.15.

That’s still not enough information. What actions are you performing that you expect to audit, and what is your indication that it is working in the designer, and not in a Perspective session?

Essentially I want to see query logs from the Perspective Client. In designer I am seeing project saved logs from the designer and some web authentication logs.

I would really just like to know, should I be seeing query entries in the audit log from a perspective client? Is that supported? Because I don’t want to waste my time trying to fix something that can never happen. I understood from this thread that Auditing in the Perspective client was not supported in the same way as the Vision client and so far I haven’t seen a confirmation that it has actually been implemented.

Let’s back up a bit.

What exactly are you asking here?

If you mean you want to see the contents of the auditing table in a perspective session, sure that’s just a query binding of some sort on a component that can display the content of the auditing system (a Table component with a query binding works, as PGriffith mentioned ).

If you’re asking about events in Perspective being recorded by the auditing system, then yeah, that should be happening. We have a list of things that are recordable actions here. You can also call the system.util.audit function if you need to record something that isn’t on the list.

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If you’re asking about events in Perspective being recorded by the auditing system, then yeah, that should be happening

Yes this answers my question. Excuse the ambiguity.

Hi @Yogini_Marathe may I know that have you solve the problem of Audit Log which three different records when login and logout. Currently I also facing the same problems may I know what is the best way to solve this errors ?

Thanks in advance.