[Bug-1511] Two Run Buttons in Designer


I have two different run buttons in my Ignition Designer and one of them puts the designer into run mode and the other one does not. I have no clue how to get rid of the non working one. They both independently of each other go and swap between Run and Stop mode symbols and both have the exact same hover text.

Anyone have any ideas? I know that we are running the Dev version from 4 days ago (8.1.5). None of my other coworkers have this problem. I have even tried resetting my layout by going to View > Reset Panels and this has not helped. The one in red does not work but the one in black does.

Your attempted fix is actually the root cause.

It’s a result of resetting the panels in the Designer. If you switch your current context from Perspective to Vision and back again (edit a vision Window, then edit a Perspective View) you’ll see any panels of the toolbar which don’t belong to the current context get removed.

Interesting. I have to wonder how this got that way in the first place since I did not reset the panels till after I saw this issue. At least in the meantime, I know how to fix this.