[BUG-15111] Time Series Chart y Axis tick mark increments for large negative numbers

I’m seeing odd values on the y axis tick markers for scales that contain negative numbers in the 100’s, as if it is rounding and loosing the 1’s place values.

Hi @paul.longtine, this should also be fixed in yesterday’s (9/25) nightly build. The Y axis will be accurate to a double value (#.####) vs an integer, and you shouldn’t see any rounding. If you’re able to update, please do and let me know if you’re still seeing this error.

I tested this in 1.0.5-SNAPSHOT (b2019093002) and the Y axis still exhibits this behavior.

@paul.longtine, thanks for reporting back. I will open a bug to diagnose.

@paul.longtine, a fix for this will be available in this evenings nightly build.

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