[BUG-1512] SimpleGauge color props do not accept "named colors" from theme variables

Using a --variablename for the arc color of the Simple Gauge results in black and does not use the color variable name. I’ve checked on other objects and the color variable name does work elsewhere on things like the progress bar.

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Drawing>elements>0>fill>paint also does not accept variable names

In some areas you’ll have to use var(--variablename) for now - it’s on our list to improve.

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Any news here regarding the use of --variablename for arc-color and arc-background?

Does var not work as a workaround? It’s pretty low priority as long as there’s an easy fix like that. If it outright doesn’t work, that’s a somewhat different issue than the one described in this thread.

Tried with the var(–variablename) but didn’t work for me. Using Ignition 8.1.3


I am having the same problem with the simple gauge in version 8.1.7. It does not accept theme variables regardless of whether you use “var()”.


Has anyone found a fix/workaround for this? I am still seeing this issue on 8.1.20.

Version 8.1.21 here. Even when using my browser's debugger, I couldn't figure out where the simple gauge number was getting its color from.

My browser (Firefox) couldn't even tell where it was getting the color from. Firefox thought the color was inherited from the body's color, but it wasn't.

A fix would be appreciated. Should I report this on the Feedback site?

version 8.1.23 here, and neither var(--neutral-10) or --neutral-10 work on the simple gauge. The label disappears with any theming variable