[BUG 15126,15127] Alarm Status Table - Alarm Details empty & Ack Alarms - Remote server


We have a front-end server and an IO server setup.
We have set alarms on tags on the IO server and show them on the FE server on the Alarm status table.
On these alarms the “Alarm details” popup is empty.
Also if we set the alarm to “ack notes required” ON and try to ack the alarms, the alarm is acked and no input is required.

If we set up a tag on the FE server and set alarms on that everything works as it should (details show up and ack notes are required)

FE version: 8 b2019091302
IO version: 8 b2019082602

The remote tag provider is set:
“Alarms Enabled”: True
“Alarm Mode”: Queried

Thank you for the information. I have been able to replicate the issue and will be creating bug tickets for both issues. I was only able to replicate this in a Perspective session. In a Vision window, this is not an issue.

This issue has been fixed for 8.0.13; the other is still in progress.

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