[BUG-15165] 8.0.5 RC1 upgrade - Structure contains invalid parent data types on all Tag instances

We were on 8.0.4 and upgraded to 8.0.5 RC1 and non of our tags work and have, bad - configuration errors. When I go into the tag instances, they all have the error: “Structure contains invalid parent data types.” Any ideas of what happened?

Can you export the tags from 8.0.5 and post it here? Maybe in a PM. Also, if you had a tag export of the tags in 8.0.4, it would be really useful and allow us to troubleshoot whatever happened during the upgrade.

It looks like what you hit is specific to 8.0.5. In your case, you have some OPC items paths being built out of UDT parameters. You are using parameters in a composite UDT (where a top-level UDT definition contains an instance of a different UDT). For whatever reason, the top-level parameters are coming in as null on the OPC tag trying to use them. I filed a ticket to get this fixed, as something definitely broke between 8.0.4 and 8.0.5.

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This is fixed in the stable release of 8.0.5 that was released yesterday (10/16)

Ignition 8.0.5 (final release)
@awalker, @mgross

I still have this message for some binding with udt parameter.


OpcItemPath is not computed:

Restarting the tag has no effect.

I can confirm that upgrading to 8.0.5 stable has fixed our issue in the original posting.

I have upgraded to 8.0.6 (from 0.5) and I still have this issue.
Is there a way to solve it?

Has anyone found any more information on a fix for this?

I’m running “8.0.6 (b2019111216)” and still seem to have the issue:


Yeah I have this too, but only on tags that are offline (8.0.7)

I have the same issue on 8.0.12 (a UDT which does not have a parent and which contains OPC tags having their OPC Item Paths constructed from UDT variables all showing an error state and with the UDT editor displaying the error “Structure contains invalid parent data types.”).

Hopefully someone from IA can chime in, but it looks like there has been several UDT fixes in the upcoming 8.0.13 release. I know my original issue I posted here was fixed in 8.0.5.

I am having this issue in 8.1.0 LTS Stable

I’m also seeing this in 8.1.0 LTS Stable