[Bug-15194]In the tag group editor what does 'custom -> opcRate do?

in the tag group editor what does 'custom -> opcRate do?

I could not find anything in the manual that describes this.

What version are you using and where do you see this setting?

I only see this:

I used to have 7.9 and upgraded to 8.

Thanks, I’ll look into this…

This is an issue on upgrade. It looks like the old property name from 7.x is getting migrated as a custom property as well as copied to the new rate property. We have created a ticket to get this resolved. Thanks for reporting this.


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what effect does this have on our systems; the custom property? I just noticed this property after reviewing some funny behavior in a tag we are collecting history. I don’t think this is causing the issue I am investigating, but I would like to know what it effects (if anything).

For instance, I am looking at a tag group we use for history. it is driven with a rate of 60,000 and driven rate of 1,000. Then I see the custom opcRate at 60,000.


I recently updated from 7.9.16 to 8.1.7 and noticed the custom property “opcRate”. After the update our system was experiencing a large amount of lag. After removing the custom property and restarting the tag groups our performance improved. I cannot say for certain that removing the custom property helped or the restart of the tag group but we were not able to run the system until these actions were taken.

It’s the sampling interval used for items added to OPC UA subscriptions. It’s supposed to just be equal to the Tag Group’s rate. I’m not sure why you saw this as a custom property after upgrading.

still seeing this in 7.9.16 > 8.1.25 upgrade FYI

Yeah, looks like this is a low priority ticket that's just never been picked up.

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seeing @Damion's comment above makes me wonder if this issue is related to (resolved) ticket 66478 :thinking:

no need to bother, but might be interesting