[BUG-15284]Perspective Tag Picker


I am having a look at the Perspective Tag Picker from Ignition Exchange and would like to modify it to list all tags from all providers.

The current binding calls a recursive browsing function with a tag path, that seems must include a provider.

if value["mode"] == "realtime":
	ret = Framework.Tags.browseTags("[default]", None, value["expanded"])
	ret = Framework.Tags.browseHistoryTags("", None, value["expanded"])
return ret

Is there a way to list all tag providers and browse for each? I would like to include [System] and whatever else exists.

I’ve tried wildcards with no luck.


It looks like an empty path should return the providers and from there you would be able to cycle through the providers and grab all the tags within them. However, it looks like when system.tag.browse() has a blank path argument it errors out in Perspective (and I suspect everywhere outside of Vision). I’ll write up a ticket to get this fixed.

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for the fix

The 8.0.8 nightly available today contains a fix that should address the issue presented here.