[Bug-15287]Images crops vertically if smaller than 16px

I have a small image on a perspective view. When I embedded that view on another view at a reduced size my image disappeared. I played around and realized that the image gets clipped if you reduce it’s vertical size below 16px.

I added an .png file the the Image Manager and on a new view added a image with the correct path.
In the designer you can just adjust the size of the image and see the clipping occur.
I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong because it doesn’t seem to clip horizontally.
Any thoughts??

Height = 33
Height = 11
Height = 9

Sure enough, at heights of less than 16px I was able to replicate your issue. You’re not doing anything wrong - it’s a bug - although after looking at the code I don’t wee where our issue lies. I’ll open a ticket for this right now.

Look at the whitespace above the point of the star at height 11. I suggest checking the computation of the origin of the scaling transform.

FWIW I noticed that it happens to do with the display class value of either the image or wrapper div for the image component. You may be able to work around this by going to the image component in the designer and adding a style property called display with a value flex (ie. display:flex)

Thanks for taking a look at this.

The ‘display:flex’ style property is working. Thank you.