[BUG-1535] Perspective cannot change text colour of Dropdown component text


Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t find where to change the text colour of the Dropdown component. E.g. below (bright colours for demonstration only). The text should be yellow according to the style, but it hasn’t changed.

Oddly enough, changing the other text settings does affect the text (strikethrough + weight = bolder):

Additionally, setting the Shape Fill and Stroke only affects the stroke of the caron icon. Note the fill colour remains as the grey #515151 which is the default, not the light blue colour I set it to (#E7EFF6)

Its still same in 8.1.10 :grinning:

This is the evildoer: image
should kinda be defaulted by ignition, as the color assigned there serves no purpose, (also what a weird class name)

but can be fixed: change this into theme.css

.ia_dropdown__valuePill__value {
color: unset;

or inject it into a styleclass

}.ia_dropdown__valuePill__value {
color: unset;


for the dropdown shape you can do the same for

.ia_dropdown__expandIcon {
 fill: unset;

Thanks you made my day @victordcq

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Ah I remember asking this, back when I’re only a wee laddie! :four_leaf_clover:

Sorry i wasnt around back then :baby:

To elaborate more, I should put snapshot under from where we can do that using VSCode:

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You shouldn’t edit the light or dark themes themselves as youll lose any changes you make if you upgrade ignition. You will need to create a new theme and override the selector in that


Thanks for your input, it was 1st time i did so I wasn’t considered this point. I should define a custom theme and will use that for revisions.

yeah im not much of a fan of the themes… if only it was easier accesable in the designer. Thats why for small things like this i use the css “injection” xd

class styles are easy to find in the designer and easy to copy to production… welh that is untill they “fix” the “injection” eventho there is no security risk to it xd hopefully never happends

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