[BUG-15359] DateTime Input picker shows up behind Popups

I have a DateTime Input component in a Popup view, and when clicking on it, the picker shows up behind the popup.


We have an existing bug ticket where this occurs specifically when the datetime input component has a format that excludes the am/pm part of the format. That looks like it may be the case with your dropdown since it is not including time at all.

If you change the datetime input’s format to have an a at the end like MM/DD/YYYY a does it start working? It’s not a great solution because now you’ll end up with a random am/pm in the date format visually, but that’s the only real workaround I found with this.

I mean yeah, that works. But I really don’t want a random am/pm showing up in there which is confusing for users.

Entering the date manually using text input does work, so we’ll just go with that as a workaround for now.

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