[Bug-15378][Bug-15629]HorizontalMenu in docked header

I am trying to put a HorizontalMenu component in the docked header and when I do and click one of the menu items the menus height shrinks when the sub menu pops down. Any idea what is causing the components height to shrink? How can I stop it?

The component is in a flex view set to height 60. i have toggled the shrink and grow properties, but it does not make any difference.

There’s not any way for you to prevent this because it’s a bug in the component. I’ve opened an internal ticket to address the issue.

When is this going to be fixed? We also use HorizontalMenu in a docked header and every time you click on the items to open the sub items the HorizontalMenu component moves all the way to the left side of the docked header. I can only prevent the vertical shrink with “height” parameter but haven’t found a way to prevent the menu from moving to the left when clicked.

@manuok, what you are encountering is a combination of bugs. We hadn’t seen the position change issue previously, so I opened a new ticket for that one.

I believe we’re slated to bring the vertical shrink issue into development in the next week, so hopefully a fix would be in place in the nightlies by Friday of next week. I can’t guarantee anything because of the pending holidays.

As for the position change issue… It’s possible that it might be roped in with the other issue, but it could also not be, at which point I couldn’t make a reasonable estimate as to when it would be completed.

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Alright, looking forward to be able to use the component properly in our docked header.

Hello, has the problem been solved? I am new to Ignition and I am currently facing a similar problem. Thank you for your help

It looks like this was fixed in 8.1.5. Are you still encountering the issue?

I found a solution, the problem was due to a wrong configuration of the “shrink” property of the following component. Because of this, the components that are following the horizontal menu moved to the left when I clicked on the menu to access the sub items. The problem was solved by setting the shrink property to 0.

Thank you