[BUG-1540] Vision Client Tags

Hi, i have a problem i don`t know if is a bug or is a bad configuration.

I tried to make a tag in the vision client tag, this tag is a query and is type “String Array” the query will be return some results, but the tag only have the first result.

when i make the tag in value sends this

but i hit ok and the tag appears


What does your query code look like?

This in Ignition

this in SQL

i made this type of queries in the default tags and works fine.

It looks like with regular tags we do some guess work in the backend to nicely coerce query results to string arrays but client tags do not appear to have this functionality. I will file a ticket to see if we can have these work the same.
In the mean time, the only real workaround I have here is to have change the client tag type to “Dataset” so that you get the raw results of the query. From here I see two ways of going, you can utilize the dataset tag as is in your Vision windows. But if that isn’t an option because you have windows already built up then there’s a hacky workaround; you can create a second client tag with the type of “String Array” and change it to an expression tag with it’s value derived from the first tag:


I will try with the second expression.