[Bug-15404]Perspective on Android and Chrome - MenuTree not visible in a popup


On Android (Perspective App and Chrome) and in Chrome Desktop (78.0.3904.97) an MenuTree in a Popup is not visible.

  • Popup
    – FlexContainer
    — MenuTree
    The menu is visible in Edge and Firefox.

I also noticed that the popup is dragable in Chrome even when it should not be.
Ignition version is 8.0.5



I’m not encountering this in 8.0.6 while using Chrome 78.0.3904.70, but there shouldn’t be significan differences between the Ignition version or the Chrome version - at least nothing that would result in the Menu Tree not displaying.

Could you provide some screenshots (at least for the desktop Chrome)? I’ll continue to investigate the Android claim.

Note: If your popup is large enough to display even partially off the viewport, then the popup will be draggable whether or not you configure it to not be draggable.



I also tested on Android 6.0.1 and didn’t see the issue in the native application, nor did I see the issue in Chrome (78.0.3904.96) on Android.

Consider clearing your browser’s cache, and then reload the page in question.



I can reproduce this on a different Ignition 8.0.6 RC1 with Chrome and Windows 10. The key is to set the FlexContainer with the MenuTree to Column mode. In Row mode the MenuTree is visible.
The menu also becomes visible as soon as the browser window is resized.

view_Popup.zip (2.7 KB)



Ah, that was not a setting I had in place - thank you for clarifying. I will try again.



@chi: With the new information you provided I was able to replicate the issue and have opened an internal ticket to get it fixed.