[BUG-15473] system.tag.writeSynchronous conversion with bad timeout?


I upgrade a 7.9.12 application to 8.0.7 nigthly

value = 10
eqtPath = "...."
system.tag.writeSynchronous("%s/TR/ADMPORTS" % eqtPath,value,5)

system.tag.writeSynchronous trigger some Timeout error in 8.0.7
I suspect 5, which mean 5 second en 7.9 is not converted to 5000ms for the timeout of system.tag.writeBlocking used in 8.0

In 8.0.7, if I change the function to:

value = 10
eqtPath = "...."
system.tag.writeBlocking(["%s/TR/ADMPORTS" % eqtPath],[value],5000)

I don’t have any timeout.

Yep, looks like that’s what is happening. Should only cause problems with writes from the client.

Actually as far as I can tell this is documented and implemented as milliseconds everywhere except when the writeSynchronous comes from the client, where the bug is actually that in that scope it’s treated as seconds in 7.9.