[BUG-15531] Designer component focus box

Im on build b2019111102 updated today but I had the same problem with the last build. When i try to deep select a component the ‘select box’ is alyways off to the upper left, see attachment. If i create a new view it is ok, but all my current views do this.


I have the same issue on 8.0.6-rc1 (b2019102814) after upgrade.

Except my box is off the bottom right corner and sometimes much further away.

Edit: added image. Cooler C is selected.


I’m experiencing this issue as well.

For those having issues, are you using flex container inside of a flex view? There is a bug that was fixed for the 8.0.6 stable release that fixed the selection bounds when deep selecting components in that container.

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I’m using a column container inside a column view.

Can you attach an export of the view? I can’t reproduce this issue for column views, only flex.

Sorry for the Delay, See attached view export and also screen shot. You can see that I’ve selected QTY but the focus box is off and on the left you can see in the Project Browser I am using column containers.

2019-11-14_1142.zip (25.2 KB)

I’ve figured out the issue, for me at least.

Its down to having borders on the column view and column containers. If i set my borders to 0px everything lines up, as soon as i put them back the selection box is misaligned.

Thanks for the info, I had a gateway set up to compare my views against your views, just haven’t gotten to upgrading the system to 8.0.6 yet to see what was going on. Once I confirm that behavior I’ll get a bug ticket in.

Any update to this one? Its makes it very very hard to use the designer.

No update yet, still working on putting together a bug report. I’ll be finishing it up tomorrow, and hopefully we can get it fixed soon.

A ticket for this issue has been added to our bug tracker. We’ll update this thread when it is fixed.

A fix for this issue is available in the 8.0.8 nightly available today.

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