[Bug-15558]Perspective Component Schema Errors

In trying out my installation of Ignition 8, I changed or deleted a PROPS property of the XY Chart within Perspective. I don’t know what I changed, but now I receive errors (see picture below) that indicate the XY Chart properties do not match the component’s schema. The error persists with all new XY Charts, including ones created in a new Perspective project. Two questions:

  1. How do I reset the XY Chart to its original settings? Can I re-import the chart definition from somewhere?
  2. I understand it is a feature to be able to change component properties, but is there a way to lock out the components’ original properties to avoid fat-finger mistakes like mine?

Thanks in advance!

In some cases (including this one here) the warnings displayed in the PROPS area which pertain to “additional properties” can be ignored without adverse effect. I’ve opened a ticket to define the properties in the schema so that this warning will no longer appear for the four properties listed in the tooltip.