[BUG-15567] Dropdown inside a popup on a map


I have this view which I show as a popup inside a Map. Inside this view there is a dropdown element which is performing fine when I’m editing the view itself. But when it shows inside the map the dropdown is not working anymore, basically when I click on it it’s not showing the values as a dropdown list.
Is someone else experiencing this issue?

Could you provide some screenshots? Is this an issue on mobile or is the problem present in a browser? Where is the Popup opened in relation to the viewport? We’re aware of a couple of issues with components on Dropdowns, but these issues are mostly confined to instances where a Popup is rendered at least partially off-screen (usually because the Popup is bigger than the screen). Is this happening in your instance?

The problem is in the browser
It is actually partially off-screen, but It looked like the dropdown’s data object(which I generate with a named query) was not even populating.
I tried the following solution. Click on a button, open a popup window with a table in it. The table is populated with values from the DB and on row click this popup is returning me the value I choose.
But now there is another issue, basically when the popup opens the table is not visible until I resize the popup window, but after I do that it is working just fine.
Any soulutions for that? Maybe implement a small resize inside the open popup script?

This is most likely your problem, as ANY popup rendered even partially off-screen ignores click inputs outside of resizing and dragging, because users need to be able to get to the close icon no matter what (imagine if the close icon was off-screen, but you couldn’t drag your Popup).

The Table not appearing is a separate issue which we’re already aware of. Your simplest solution is to just make sure that your Popup is not opened partially off-screen. You could open the Popup at a relative position away from the screen edge, or you could specify a location and dimensions which fall within expected screen boundaries.

Thanks for answering,

All the components are properly inside the screen, but when you press on the dropdown the list of the objects goes out of the popup view (I thought that’s what you ment with off screen). When I’m in design mode on the view itself the dropdown shows properly even if it’s out of the view.
As you can see on the image the popup on the map is never showing the dropdown list, meanwhile on view design it shows all the values.
Even if i resize the window in order to allow the dropdown list to remain inside the view I still have the same issue.

Ah, thank you - the pictures made it much more clear what you were experiencing. I’ll open a ticket for this right now.

I’m on Ignition 8.0.10 & this appears to still be a problem. Slider Inputs also don’t seem to function correctly. I have used Numeric Entry Fields without issue though. I typically link the Input’s functionality to a Custom Prop in the View, though I’ve tested with no bindings & the Input Components still don’t perform as intended.

Anyone know if this is resolved or is being worked on in a later release?

We have not started working on this ticket yet.