[BUG - 15580] 8.0.7-nightly : alarm label with tag function in expression bad evaluated

Ignition 8.0.7-nightly (27nov)

@Paul.Scott, @mgross
I have alarm with this expression for the Label:


The label displayed in the designer and in the alarm’s component is wrong (default is used)

If I change the expression to display the tagPath calculated in order to check it, it’s ok.


The issue seem to be related to the usage of tag function in this context

@mazeyrat I honestly can’t replicate the issue (on the nightly from today, and one from November 19th). Do you have any other details? Are you still seeing this behavior?

When the alarm has the active state, the label field in the alarm component display the default alarm Name
When I ack the alarm, the label field in the alarm component display the alarm Label.

I upgarded to the last 8.0.7-nightly and I have still the issue.

If I disable the alarm and then enable this alarm, the label field in the alarm component display the alarm Label => OK.

I suspect that the issue is relative to the alarms triggered when the gateway start

When I restart the gateway the Label field in the alarm component still not use the label value and display the alarm Name…

Yep, that’s the piece I was missing. Thanks for the report.

Is there any chance that this bug will be fixed in the 8.0.7 timeline

Unlikely. Work on 8.0.7 is wrapping up as we transition to 8.0.8.
As always, we’ll post once we have a fix ready in a nightly.

Hi @Paul.Scott,
this bug is quite annoying for us, we have upgraded our gateways in 8.0.7.
Is the fix forecasted soon in the next nightly ?

Unfortunately no. I apologize for the trouble it’s giving you, but there are a number of other tickets that are ahead of this one. As normal, we’ll post once we have an update.

Thanks for the feedback.
Hope this bug could be fix for the 8.0.8.

@Paul.Scott, is the fix for the bug 15580 scheduled for 8.0.10 ?

@PGriffith do you know if this bug is in the 8.0.10. Hope it is in the few bug not listed in your last changelogs

No, this hasn’t been fixed yet, and won’t make it into 8.0.10.

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I still have this issu in 8.0.10 with a little change since 8.0.9 or 8.0.8.
Label displayed is “-1” in a first time when I start the gateway.
And in a seond time if I toogle the alarm enable, it one goes with the right value returned by the tag expression:


@sreis, I still have this issue in Ignition 8.0.12.
Do you have any information about the fix of this long awaiting bug
First time the alarm occur, the label displayed in vision alarms components = "-1"
If the alarm is cleared and again actived, the label is OK, the value is the result of the computed expression.
When the label displayed is OK, if I disable and then enabled this alarm, the lable is -1.

As a side note: I don’t have the issue if the alarm label is binded to a constant value “myAlarmLabel”.

Hi @mazeyrat we went ahead and bumped this one up in priority.

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The fix for this will be in the next nightly build/8.0.15.

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