[Bug-1571]Perspective ellipses/clip does not work on labels

The clip and ellipsis properties does not work on Labels.
The shadow option does not work at all.

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Thanks, @jpark. We’ve opened an internal ticket to fix this.

Has there been any update on this?

No progress. The priority was set to be pretty low as it’s been broken since at least 8.0.12 without anyone noticing. This thread will be updated when a fix has been introduced.

Would love to see this resolved, any update or ETA? Thx

No ETA because the ticket hasn’t even been touched since I made a note on it in July.

I too have this problem.

This is also an issue on our side.

We are delaying some vision to perspective conversions because of that.

Please Inductive Automation fix that. All properties should behave as expected.


I put textFields instead of labels and then I put these settings:

enabled: false
textAlign: left
borderStyle: none
backgroundColor: transparent
textOverflow: ellipsis
overflow: hidden

I am also requesting to get this fixed.