[bug-15735]system.gui.getScreenIndex() returns wrong Index

So this is a strange one.

We have a multi-monitor system that I’m using system.gui.getScreenIndex to get the screen index that the operator clicks on to properly show popups etc at the location of the mouse.

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This all works fine, until I’m two functions deep.

Suppose I have two functions:

def functionA():
    Do stuff to figure out which popup to show etc...
    Call functionB
def functionB():
     Do stuff to position the popup

On the template I call functionA to determine the popup, which in turn calls functionB to position the popup.

If I have a button that calls functionA on a window that I know is screenIndex 1 and check system.gui.screenIndex it returns a 1. However if functionA then calls functionB and I check system.gui.screenIndex it returns a 0. Now… if I just straight up call functionB from the window it properly returns system.gui.screenIndex then 1 is returned not 0.

Any idea why? I can get around it in my code… I just wanted to bring this up and see if this is a known issue or not.

OK… so after more testing it isn’t the embedded function calling.

After I issue a system.nav.openWindowInstance the screen index is reset to 0. This occurs even when I specifically enumerate the desktop to open the window on with either the screen index or the desktop handle using system.nav.desktop(handle).openWindowInstance.

Any reason this is happening? I’ve got a work around… I just save the screen index before calling openWindowInstance but this seems to not be working as intended.

I ran a test on two monitors, with a window and a button with the following code:

def functionA():
    print system.gui.getCurrentDesktop()
def functionB():
    print system.gui.getCurrentDesktop()

and received the correct results…

Monitor 1
Monitor 1

Running v7.9.12

Yeah… I did further testing and edited the original post.

It seems to be system.nav.openWindowInstance that is giving me fits.

And this is on 8.0.6 with a new function for screen handles.

For what it’s worth, I tested on 8.0.7 and received the same results as 7.9.12

This is the code I’m using to test.

window = 'Popups/Batch Plant/Edit/Ingredient'
print 'Index Position 1: %d' %(system.gui.getScreenIndex()) //Produces 1 as expected
print 'Index Position 2: %d' %(system.gui.getScreenIndex()) //Produces 0

@jlandwerlen can you test on yours? The window isn’t specific… can be any popup.


Confirmed. If I run the code you attached, only substituting the window path, it will behave just as you described.

OK that’s good I guess… :smiley: at least I know it isn’t me causing issues.

Hmm, I can see why you’d want getScreenIndex() to work this way, but I’m not sure if it’s possible with our current implementation…I’ll file a bug ticket.

Thanks Paul.

If you guys need me to test anything etc… just hit me up.