[BUG-15749] Perspective Alarm Journal Column Order and Popups

Is it possible to rearrange the order of the columns in the Alarm Journal component?

The documentation says that it is, however I am unable to actually execute this in practice.

Click and drag to re-order columns, and drag the margins of the columns to resize their width.

Note, I am in an 8.0.14 snapshot, so it may be that this is just a bug of the snapshot build.

Thanks for any help

EDIT: Changing the order of the keys in the columns object property is immediately overwritten right after you do it.

Also while I am at it, the configuration and filter popups go off screen instead of moving to the left! :slightly_smiling_face:

Popover rendering partially off-screen: We already have an open ticket for this.
Re-ordering columns by dragging: This is the first I’ve ever heard of being able to do that, and so I’m not sure where the documentation got that information. I’ll ask around, but I would not expect that to work. To my knowledge there is no way to order the columns of the Alarm Journal Table at this time.

I verified with Development that this was never something that could be done with the columns. I’ve reached out to the Documentation team and requested it be removed from the documentation. Sorry for the confusion.

Update update: It looks like they’ve removed the erroneous behavior description from the docs.

Any chance its something potentially on the plate for the future? I was hoping for an Update update update with that note hahaha

Not to my knowledge, but there’s probably a forum specifically for requesting features based on ideas.

That was the plan if you said no haha


Just flagging that the documentation still says that the columns can be re-ordered...

Perspective Alarm Journal Table

You can change the columns that are displayed, the order of the columns, and/or the column width in Preview Mode and in a Perspective Session.

Edit: I have just followed kgamble's link above and found that this is now actually correct, as of the version after my current version. Guess I better put "upgrade to latest version of Ignition" a little higher up my to-do list.