[BUG-15749] Perspective Alarm Journal Menus Not Constrained to Edge of View

Not sure this is technically a bug. I created a simple alarm dashboard screen that just has one Alarm Status Table component taking up the entire Flex View. It looks great in the iOS app except when you tap the filter button or the settings button at the upper right. The menus that appear ignore the edge of the view, requiring a right scroll to see the full menu. Would be nice if by default, or an optional setting, the menu could be forced to stay within bounds of the view. A few examples screenshots below. First two show what it looks like in the app, the second two in the designer.

iOS App Not Scrolled:

iOS App Scrolled:

Designer No Menu:

Designer With Menu:

Yes, we’ve been aware of this for some time. We already have an internal ticket in place. It should only be an issue in instances where a table is flush against the side of the browser and/or viewport so implementing a fix has been a low priority.