[BUG-15799]Perspective Table Question & Comment

Hey folks,


We’ll start with the comment first, since it’s fairly straightforward.

When I select the “Edit Dataset” button on the component, the dataset window opens centered on the mouse click. Not a huge issue, except if property editor window is docked near the top of the screen; then the dataset editor is partially off-screen and cannot be moved. Seems like if the config for this popup were changed it would be an easy fix.

Now the question; I have a dataset that appears to be without nulls. However, when the data is displayed on the table, the “Stage” column (string) displays as null anywhere there is no value. If I edit the dataset and double-click any of those cells and then hit OK, the null clears from the selected cell.

Is this affected by a setting I have control over with a setting? The dataset coming in has been screened for nulls to no avail.

Much appreciated.

I was only able to reproduce this with a dataset that had nulls in the data. That said, it looks like it can happen with String columns that are attempting to render nulls as strings. I will create an internal ticket to handle this because it should show up as blank.
That said, there is a funny workaround, in the table props.columns config. If you go to the column for “Stage” and set the render property number, then the nulls will go away.

You are correct - on further investigation, the field is blank and neighboring strings are filled with a single space. I appreciate the work-around - I’ll test it tomorrow.