[bug-15850]Array in UDT being cleared on tag provider restart/edit

We have a UDT that has a memory string array as one of the members. When the realtime tag provider that for that tag is restarted, the data in that string array is cleared out. Is this something that is a known issue? Are there any known workarounds?

Other data in the UDT doesn’t seem to be affected. IE a string member, integer member etc…all retain their previous values.



I upgraded to 8.0.7 and the issue persists.

How many elements in the string array? It might be too many, such that its serialized form doesn’t fit in the internal database’s column width.

32 strings.

If the same size tag exists just as a tag and not a udt member it works fine. But if an array gets put into a udt it stops working

It’s just a bug. The workaround would be to change the type from being a string array to a dataset with a single string column, which does persist properly. You should be getting an error in the logs on restart from tags.storage.internaljson

I’m filing the ticket right now - should be a relatively easy fix.

OK thanks.

I also tested integer array and it is doing the same thing… so it’s not just limited to strings.

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For posterity, a fix was implemented in the 8.0.9 nightly available today next available 8.0.10 nightly build. It should prevent the issue described in this post.

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Thanks Paul!

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