[BUG-15873] Perspective Table row formatting disables Subviews?

If subview parameters are not included in the data structure when formatting a row, then the global subview settings configured in the table properties are erased.

Seems to be a bug if scripts have to define subview parameters when all is needed is to apply row formatting.

Steps to recreate on Ignition 8.0.12:

  1. Place the default table component onto a blank View
  2. enable rows->subview->enable
  3. convert the first row of data to follow row-style requirements (see image below)
  4. Convert 2nd row of data to follow row requirements and add subview enabled data (see image below)5. Observe that the arrow for subview is no longer present and cannot be activated (see image below)


Additionally, when specifying the subview configuration in the row manually, the parameters are not passed to the subview:



Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will take care of it. Thanks again.

It appears that “value” is passed straight through from the array instance of the data property of the table. So when using styles for rows and creating a structure like below:

the reference in the subView needs to be:

Given this understanding, it functions as expected.

Has anything changed between 8.1.3 to 8.1.7 with subviews. I posted this in another spot as well, but I have a parameterized subview that is no longer working correctly after updating.

I don’t know what version corrected the original issue, but sometime between version 8.0.12 and 8.1.5 the reported issue was fixed.