[bug-15894]Power Table, Inter Cell Spacing

Version 8.0.4
We use a Power Table on one of our windows and try to change the ‘Inter Cell Spacing’ parameter via the Vision Property Editor from width: 1, height: 1 to width: 0, height: 0.
In the designer we now see the cells being placed against each other what the intended effect is, but after reloading the window these parameters are back to their old value.
It looks like the effect of a parameter that is overwritten by a binding, but that is not the case here.
We do use the initialize extension function, but in our opinion there is nothing in it that influences this behavior. In fact, after deactivating this function, the effect remained.
Can someone give us a push in the right direction?

Hm, this looks like a bug - possibly a regression in 8; I can’t say I’ve ever messed with that property in 7.9. I’ll file a ticket so we can investigate and fix it.

Thank you

Was this ever resolved or understood? Witnessing the same behavior

I’m also seeing the same behavior in 8.0.12 - Is there a fix for this?

The work around appears to be to create a new Dimension and assign it to the table in scripting.

import java.awt.Dimension

table = event.source.getComponent('table')
cellSpacing = java.awt.Dimension(0,0)
table.interCellSpacing = cellSpacing

I’m seeing this also in 8.0.17? Tried putting the work-around in the initialize() extension function, but no dice. When will this be fixed?

It’s being fixed as part of an update to the Look and Feel that’s currently going through testing. At the earliest, 8.1.5, but more likely a few releases after that.