[BUG-15945] Expression structure cannot handle a dataset

As far as I can tell, this is a bug. The expression structure binding cannot handle a dataset.

If it’s a bug, IA will need to know the version you’re using

Version: 8.0.8 RC1

Don’t forget to supply how you’re trying to use it. :slight_smile:

You guys, I am being so careless and you are holding me accountable.:sunglasses:

I tested it two ways, by binding it to a dataset tag and a property dataset. In both cases, it didn’t pass the dataset to the new property.

You are right, it doesn’t work even in the simplest example and throws a lot of errors into the gateway log as it tries to resolve the binding. I’ll get an internal ticket written up for this.

Did this ever get fixed?

Nope, hasn’t been picked up yet. We’ll update the thread once it has.

Good news - it’s fixed for 8.1.1

Thank you.