[bug-15959]Audit Profiles in Ignition

Upgraded to Ignition V 8.07 and noticed that the “Retention” field from earlier versions is gone.

I searched the manual and didn’t find anything about retention, used to be 90 days by default.
Does it do any pruning or will that have to be done manually now.


Whoops. It should still be there - whatever it was last set to is still valid and still being used, the field’s just accidentally being hidden now. I’ll get it fixed, should make it into 8.0.9.

Paul, we’re on 8.0.7 in a validated environment so we can’t upgrade at the moment, we’re noticing pruning issues with the Audit trail. It looks like it’s been set to a much shorter value - like less than an hour. Is there a way to verify/view/set this hidden parameter via a configuration file from the OS or by another means?

Forgot to add, is there a way to disable pruning entirely for the Audit log. With GMP they will want to keep the records for the life of the system.

Yes, pruning can be disabled entirely, but to do so requires modifying the internal database, which is best left to Support, especially on a production environment.

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Paul, it looks like the retention field is still missing in 8.0.16.
I found the column in the internal db - to disable pruning, would I just set the value to 0 for the profile I wanted to disable?

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For what it’s worth - this bug is fixed for 8.1.1.