[BUG-15977] Lookup Expression Not Allowing Null or None for noMatchValue

We are in the process of testing an upgrade of our gateway from 7.9 to 8.0.7. We have a number of expression tags in our main UDT performing lookup expression functions. In 7.9 the lookup function would accept null or none as a noMatchValue, but all of these same tags error out in 8.0 with Error_ExpressionEval(“java.lang.NullPointerException”). Even if there is a good result in the dataset for the lookup function to find, it will still throw this error. Upon changing the noMatchValue to a non-null value, all expressions run fine and return the desired results - except for not being able to set to null/none when a value doesn’t exist.

Some new insight on this issue. If the lookup expression cannot find the value, it uses the the noMatchValue properly - even if it is set to none - and does not throw an error. It only throws an error when noMatchValue is set to none AND the lookup function finds a result in the dataset.

Filed. Should be an easy fix.

This issue is fixed in 8.0.10.

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