[Bug-16031]Perspective Datepicker minimum date

I have a view where users can edit some of their information (e.g. email, birth date, etc.) and it was brought to me that the minimum year for the date picker component is 1969 (see image below). Is there a way to push that further? I have employees born in the 50s.

Thanks in advance for the support.

There is not currently a way to configure the available years, no. I’ve just opened an internal ticket to provide such a setting.

Any news on this bug @cmallonee?

It looks like someone neglected to update this thread. The feature was put into Perspective in 8.0.13. Shortly after its introduction we noticed some minor undesirable behaviors, but depending on use-case they might not come up.

The following notes apply to both the DateTime Input and the DateTime Picker:

In recent versions (>=8.0.13) you’ll find DateTimeInput.props.minDate (and maxDate) which allow for controlling available years in the DateTime Input. If left as null, they default to ten years in either direction from the current date. There is a known issue (16470) which is encountered when both a minDate and a maxDate are set; some months which should be disabled are not.

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