[BUG-16062] Heads up on upgrading to 8.08+ if you have Edge configured

One thing that will break is the license so be ready to call support to get that fixed. I think that problem is getting fixed in 8.10 if it didn’t get fixed in 8.09.

The other thing that will break is your Edge configuration settings will get wiped out. The properties to configure an edge gateway were extended (improved) and the old configuration settings you have set up will not survive the upgrade.

My recommendation would be to screenshot your edge settings on each edge device and your main gateway so you can quickly reconfigure them after the install.

The license thing is fixed in the already-released 8.0.9.

First I’ve heard about the settings thing, can you show me what you mean?

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Yeah, I just got off a support call where one of your support techs fixed this for me.

Basically, all of the edge configuration stuff was blank after the upgrade so we just re-configured it and everything was fine.

We were upgrading from 8.05 to 8.08.

You mean everything on the Config web pages? What specifically didn’t survive the upgrade?

I was the technician working with Steve, I have the issue replicated and a bug is getting filed. Essentially if you take a gwbk older then 8.0.7 and apply it to a gateway 8.0.7+, the history sync settings are lost.


This issue is fixed in 8.0.10.

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