[BUG-16074]Stuck initializing perspective client

I get stuck when trying to launch a perspective client on my server.
The logs on the gateway gives me the following message:

This is a known issue that occurs when the Perspective module has been restarted while a session was active. Currently, if you need to use the project right away the only work around is to use a different browser to open the project, use incognito mode, or as Accyroy mentioned underneath clearing cookie/session data from the browser. Otherwise it requires a gateway restart to fully fix itself.

I managed to fix this by clearing all cookies/session data from my browser, without resorting to gateway restart.


This issue is fixed in 8.0.11.

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I have 8.0.14 and am seeing this behaviour even if I restart the gateway. Only happens if i have ‘Force Secure Redirect’ checked.

Actually, I unchecked ‘Force Secure Redirect’ and I am still seeing the same thing.