[BUG-16134] Ignition8 designer issue

if i click the cursor at the red line highlight but it will appear on the blue line space, it will have gap, this problem never happen when in ignition 7.9.10

What version are you using? This sounds like something that already got fixed.

ignition 8.0.8

Hmm. I would guess it has something to do with what looks like a non-fixed-width font in your editor. I’ll open a ticket here because I can’t find one.

i have found many ignition 8.0.8 difference(not convenient and bug ) while ignition 7.9.10 not have.I have create a ticket in the system , but still no feedback, i don’t know if i put these problem on the forum can be feedback and solve quick?

If your issue is urgent you should call support instead of email them.

You can report bugs and questions here on the forum but there’s no guarantees on a response at all. It’s all volunteer basis here.

OK, thanks, this is not urgent , i will post the in the forum, share some info to other users.

Hi Kevin, today when i update to 8.0.10rc1.
I found the problem still there.
And Finally I found there are something link with the screen setting

currently i set the screen is 125%, then i will still have the issue, but if i set the screen to 100%, it will be OK.

But in ignition 7.9.10, if my screen is 125%, that will not have that issue, that’s why you mentioned it is solved but still i have issue.