[BUG-16136] DateTime Input Value Display

Unexpected Behaviors

  • DateTime input component is displaying initial binding value and not updating.

Expected Behavior

  • DateTime input would show the “Value” or “Formatted Value” property on the component.

Steps to Expose

  1. Set the Value property to an initial value using the expression binding “now(0)”
  2. Select a new value using the component
    – New value will be shown in the value property but not updated in the component’s text
    – Formatted value doesn’t change, but I added a property binding with an expression transform to update it with the formatted value.

Relevant Information

  • Ignition version 8.0.10-rc1
  • Google Chrome
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I think I am seeing the issue you are describing, but just to be sure you are talking about the DateTime Input component not the DateTime Picker component yeah?
I will create a ticket internally to get this fixed.

Yes, sorry about that. I am referring to the DateTime Input component that uses a popup calendar.

I’ll edit my initial post to reflect that.

No problem, I wrote up a ticket to get this fixed in a future version. Sadly I don’t really have a workaround. I did try to set it via the components onStartup() event script but ended up with the same issue.

This is a major issue as it breaks a feature that was working. Do we have a work around in the meantime?

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It’ll be fixed before 8.0.10 final