[Bug-16144]ViewCanves doesn't offset from right side in absolute mode

The ViewCanves positioning system in absolute mode doesn’t work for right & bottom side.
It only work for top & left side.
Also the width & height doesn’t work with percent(%) value.
In coordinate container if I set the position: absolute & x: auto , y : auto, the bottom & right offset work but left & top doesn’t work. What I mean perspective doesn’t care for offset value and snap to left & top.
Can someone form IA confirm it is bug or i did something wrong here?

I thought we already had an open internal ticket for this, but I couldn’t find one, so I opened a new ticket for this.

You can get around this in some instances by toggling useDefaultViewWidth and useDefaultViewHeight to false, but then you might encounter a different issue where the instanced View doesn’t draw unneeded area to the right and bottom of the View contents. Some users won’t notice this while some will - it’s alwasy present with these settings, but you’ll only see it if using backgrounds or borders for the instanced Views.

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Thanks. Please Also update that in coordinate container with posision: absolute and setting x & y to auto for a object, the left & top offset doesn’t work and perspective treat them with left: 0px.
I use this workaround before introducing viewcaves. But both solution has bug.