[bug-16147]dateFormat() locale


Is there a way to display the expression :

dateFormat(now(0), “EEEE dd MMMM YYYY”) )

in a given locale (french in my case) when java machine is in a different locale (english in my case)?

I also made few test on a VM with french java machine, try to set the wrapper localization in ignition.conf file with


then restart service but the date still remain in french.

any idea about this behavior?


Where are you trying to use this expression? In a client, I bound the text of a label to the expression you have above and dropped a language selector component on the window. When I change the language selected, the display changes from
Friday 06 March 2020
vendredi 06 mars 2020

You should also be able to use system.util.setLocale(), although I didn’t test this.

Thanks for your prompt,
I forgot to specify that I am in perspective and directly set the locale in the session props

self.session.props.locale = “fr-FR”
self.session.props.locale = “en-EN”

Create a custom session property (I used ‘session.custom.today’), then use a script transform:

	from java.text import SimpleDateFormat
	from java.util import Locale
	# Set locale dictionary. Using Locale.variants() doesn't always work, 
	# so we use a dictionary to force the locale.

	localeDict = {
	              'fr-FR' : Locale.FRENCH, 
	              'en-EN' : Locale.ENGLISH
	langFormat= SimpleDateFormat('EEEE dd MMMM YYYY', localeDict[self.props.locale]) # The format you want to convert to
	return langFormat.format(value)



Expression Binding:

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I’ll make the argument this is a bug; dateFormat from Perspective “should” be using the session locale prop instead of having to use @JordanCClark’s admittedly clever workaround. I filed a ticket.

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Thank you @KathyApplebaum @JordanCClark and @PGriffith for your prompt attention to the subject.
I will use the given tip while waiting for a bug fix.