[bug-16241]Ignition 8 - system.tag.importTags to create vision client tags?

Can we use this function system.tag.importTags to create vision client tags ?

collisionPolicy = "a"
filePath = "d:/test.xml"
basePath = "[client]"
system.tag.importTags(filePath, basePath, collisionPolicy)

return java.lang.NullPointerException (Ignition 8.0.10)

Is there any way to create a cision client tag by scripting in Ignition 8 ?

system.tag.configure only support gateway tags but not vision clients tag ?

The 7.9 function system.tag.loadFromFile should still work in 8.0; it’s just deprecated and thus removed from the 8.0 manual. Client tags still use the legacy tag code, so I wouldn’t expect the new functions to work with them.

system.tag.loadFromFile seems not supporting client tag ?
with provider = client, no client tags are created ???

Can you send me your client tag XML? I can breakpoint the function and see where it’s going wrong.

A simple file exported from v8.0.10

   <Tag name="essai" path="" type="Client">
      <Property name="Value">false</Property>
      <Property name="DataType">6</Property>
      <Property name="PollRate" mode="2">0</Property>

Well, it’s not working because it’s not implemented. Whoops. I’ll file a ticket.

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It will be usefull to implement the exportTags function for vision client tag !
We especially need it to automate by scripting, client tags exports to xml file or json in order to commit this file in git with the project.


in 8.0.10, do you think it’s possible to use in client scope (in a module) the following 7.9 flavour class in order to export client tags of a project to xml file ?

exportTags​(java.util.List nodes, java.io.Writer writer, ProgressListener progress, TagPath base)


If yes, what are the parameter to export all the tag of [client] ?
is nodes mandatory ?

Yes, it is possible; it’s the same class that’s used internally. For nodes, just make a base TagPath of [client], then get the ClientTagProvider and call getTag; something like:

                ClientTagProvider clientProvider = context.getTagManager().getClientTagProvider("client");
                if (clientProvider instanceof SubManagerAdapter) {
                    ClientSubManager client = ((SubManagerAdapter) clientProvider).getTarget();
                    BasicTagPath path = new BasicTagPath("client");
                    List<Tag> clientTag = List.of(clientProvider.getTag(path))
                    new ClientTagExporter().exportTags(clientTags, fw, null, null);
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