[BUG-16375] Embedded view render with white background all the time in Ignition-8.0.12 April 19

After I upgrading to Ignition-8.0.12 April 19 all of my embedded view render with white background.
In previous release it only happen during loading embedded view and after few secs it gones but in this release it still remian.

Possibly due to this? [NEW] Theming Update: Major Visual Changes in Perspective

  • Potential “breaking” change. Containers have a background color provided through theming and are no longer transparent by default. You may need to adjust your projects accordingly depending on how containers are used throughout your projects.
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Yes, that is why. Thanks, Kevin. You’ll need to explicitly set the background color to transparent if you want your containers to be transparent.

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IBut this very hard me I need to edit more 80 embedded view to fix this.
Also color transpancy doesn’t support in many broswer like edge and render as black.
Could you please change the default to full transparent?

I will discuss this tomorrow internally and get back to you. Stand by.

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Now that this we open this topic could you consider fixing the grey box when loading embedded view.
This show up in from 8.0.10 forward. I believe just changing grey color and dashed border to transparent will fix this issue.

Hi @ynejati
Any update on that?

Currently in review. If all goes well, we should be removing the background color.


Previously I only think embedded view has this problem but unfortunately I find out that every container in perspective has default white background instead transparency. I have more than 1000 container in my project that and it is impossible to change all of them. Even if I try to change all of them background to full transparent, they render black in most browser. Many broswer doesn’t support 8 digit color coding. #RRGGBBAA
Please tell is there any hope to fix these before 8.0.13rc?

Yes, Nader. We are aware and are currently working on resolving this as mentioned before.

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Should be available in the next nightly.

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Thanks it is good news. I’m relief.
Sorry but I need to ask you one more request for new theme.
The new theme change the default Roboto fonts that is used in previous release.
It is good font and for sure most people use it in their projects. Like before change the whole fonts is hard. Specially the new don’t have different size so I need to adjust my layout too.
So please if it is possible change it back.