[BUG-16492] Column Container Span Set Beyond 12

I think I have encountered a potential bug in the column container, I have a binding set up on a component to prevent an object going beyond a certain size for a particular breakpoint. This has resulted in some of my bindings giving a span above 12. The issue is that this causes all other components with the same row index to scale to the highest span. For example, I have an item that has a span of 24, so an item with a span of 12 will effectively have a span of 6.


Not sure if I understand you. Do you mind posting a short clip, gif, or set of screenshots depicting this behavior, please?


This flex container has a span of 12 but currently has a span of ~9.5

The second flex container has a span of 24

If I move the second flex container to another row, it corrects itself.

Not sure if this is intended behaviour or not.

Edit: Strangely, the difference in width seems to be fixed, not scaled as I said in the OP

Yes, I believe you have found a bug. The span of children of the ColumnContainer is not meant to go beyond 12 columns. There’s definitely some refinements that could be done here. I will make a ticket. Thanks for bringing it up.