[Bug-16590,16608]Import tags issue

I have exported my tags to a .json file. After I have deleted all my tags to test the importation, the process failed. I got many errors that seems that the importation sequences has somes issues. Attached my exported files, errors, and after import result.tags_2020-05-25.json (2.2 MB)tags_after import.json (415.0 KB)


Thanks you for reporting this and there will be changes in the final 8.0.13 release to resolve some of the issues you are seeing. After the fix, you will still see two errors when attempting to use the above file. Both are related to a Parent UDT that looks to have been renamed from AS0153_DOOR_STATE to AS0153_DOORS_STATE at one point but the dependency was not fixed.

A second ticket is being opened against this to determine how we should handle this scenario going forward, but for 8.0.13 it would need to be fixed within the import file itself.