[Bug-16623]Copying UDT instance within UDT editor and changing instance parameters updates all copies

Not sure if this is intended behaviour or not:

  1. Create a udt with some parameters
  2. Create a second udt and add an instance of the udt created in step 1
  3. Create 2 copies of the instance and change a parameter of the first copy.
  4. The change will also be applied to the second copy.

I should also note that this only occurs if you don’t hit apply after creating the copy.

I’ve had this exact same issue happen when copying multiple items inside a UDT definition (I think it was UDTs inside a UDT). The first few times you think you’re going crazy (I thought I changed that!).

This is using 8.0.12

@cmallonee are you able to verify this so it can become an internal ticket? Short of being an annoying bug, it could be quite problematic if someone were to unknowingly modify a tag and have it point to something it shouldn’t.

We have confirmed that this is an issue and a bug has been created for it. Thank you for reporting it.


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Hi @ggross ,

Are you able to provide an update on this bug, please? We are currently on version 8.0.15 and it caused us quite a few dramas today. I went through the release logs for 0.16 and 0.17 and it doesn’t seem like it has been addressed yet? Is the course of action currently just to ensure you apply any changes upon copying/creating a UDT?




Sorry for the delayed response. This issue should have been fixed in the 8.0.15 release and I can’t duplicate based on the original instructions for this post. Would it be possible to post a screen recording of what you are seeing so I can see the exact steps are you performing?