[Bug-16627]Ignition 8.0.13 - Perspective Style Classes not correctly applied to some input fields

After updating to 8.0.13 I have lost control on background style of inputs boxes (text, numeric, dropdown…)


Before in 8.0.12 I was able to use background style on enabled/disabled control. Now with 8.0.13 i’m unable to control that!!!

Dropdown enabled put an unwanted background to the text, and disabled background can’t be stylised.

This is part of the new Theming overhaul implemented as part of 8.0.13.

If you look into Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\modules\com.inductiveautomation.perspective\themes\light\commoinput-field.css, you’ll see the following:

.ia_inputField:disabled {
    color: var(--label--disabled);
    border: 1px solid var(--border--disabled);
    background-color: var(--input--disabled);
    cursor: not-allowed;

This is what is styling your input fields when they are disabled (--input-disabled is a named color in the variables.css file within that same themes directory). If these values are not to your liking, you can either bind your own in-line Style properties for the component to the disabled state, or you can customize your own custom theme to override the default values. I recommend reading up on this post. For an idea of what you should probably do, I’d recommend looking at a followup in that thread.

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I know the element state in the classe style, but i’m unable to change the background color on dropdown by using the element style disable…

Is there a way to remove the pillule effect in the dropdown when we are not in multi-select?

There is through theming, but we are aware of the issue and a fix is already in the latest 8.0.14 release. In regards to the styling of disabled input elements, please be more specific so we can better address the issue. Thanks.

I use inpubox (text & numeric) and dropdown in a table to record data. I use the same style on all but the dropdown don’t use the element-state disable of my style, the inputbox text and numeric works well but not the dropdown. I view in the css that input and dropdown don’t use the same disable value and I want to customize the disable color with a style.

Do you know when 8.0.14 will be released?

This may be the same issue I ran into, here's how I'm currently solving it.

Looks like a recent 8.0.14 nightly may have a fix but I haven't tried it

The “pill” background of the selected option of single-select Dropdowns was removed in 8.0.14. 8.0.14rc1 should be available fro download now.

I had missed an important part of your original post in that I didn’t realize you were using a Style Class. I was able to replicate the issue and I’ve opened a ticket to get the issue fixed. We’ll likely try to get it into 8.0.14 in the near future.

8.0.14 does not have a firm release date, but we are working on testing 8.0.14rc1, so a likely guess is within the next two to three weeks.

To create my table I use style to add border to my control, each side is a style (tbl-border-left-solid, tbl-border-right-solid,tbl-border-top-solid, tbl-border-bottom-solid), border color is difined in each style. When my inputbox is disabled I lost my border style color, the border get the default color of the css instaead color of my style.
In this example, left and top border of each order inputbox muste be black…

I have tried 8.0.14rc1 on win 64, pill is removed but I have some issues with, I have lost clic event on some labels also I got an error when I use the login page… I have rollback to 8.0.13

Those sound like issues you should make us aware of in separate threads, along with more information about how you encountered them.