[BUG-16628] DateTimes within UDT's are reset on Gateway Restart

I’ve sent this as a support request but figured I’d post it here too just in case that helps.

I am running Ignition Gateway version 8.0.12 (b2020042115). The gateway is running on Xubuntu Linux 20.04.

The bug I’m experiencing is that on gateway restart, DateTime Memory tags within UDT’s will have their values reset. (Specifically, I’m creating a UDT to keep track of shifts and their start/end times)

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a UDT with a DateTime Memory tag as a member.
  2. Create an instance of the UDT, set the DateTime tag’s value to something (I tested by setting it to “now” within the tag value editor)
  3. Restart the Ignition gateway
  4. The tag value will now have reset and changed.
  5. Subsequent restarts of the gateway will keep resetting the DateTime to this value, it doesn’t appear to be a random change.

Any Datetime tags not within UDT’s will not be reset.

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Thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce the issue and have logged a bug.


Yeap, same kind of application related to shift schedules, and having the same problem

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I can confirm I am seeing this is Maker as well. Any known workarounds?

For a workaround, you could probably just set the type of those tags to String, and then do the type conversion when you read / write the tag.

Long term, it looks like we have this fixed in 8.0.16. (You can download the RC now from the downloads page if you’d like to confirm.)