[BUG-16632] Alarm Status Table Crashes

I didn’t see this documented anywhere when I searched, so I figured I’d create a post for it. It looks like the perspective Alarm Status Table component breaks when you try to configure what’s shown in a session by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right corner. When I click on it, the drop down menu appears and an error is thrown in the browser’s dev console:

After a short period of time or when I click on one of the checkboxes in the drop down menu, the table goes into a Component Error state:

And the following two additional errors appear in the dev console:

Refreshing the session restores the component to its original state. Just wanted to bring this to light in the off-chance that it has not been captured in a ticket somewhere already.

We already encountered this and fixed it immediately. The fix is present in 8.0.14. The problem was only present in Chrome, so you can “workaround” the issue in 8.0.13 by using Firefox.

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Ah, good to know! This server is still on the 8.0.13 stable release, which would be why I’m still seeing this.