[BUG-16657] 8.0.13 stable version Dropdown component crash "Minified React error #152;"


Dropdown component gets crashed while the dropdown opens. Error message as shown on attached image.

I reported this one as a bug to support two days ago as well,

It was easily repeatable when I had a drop down that was resizing whenever you clicked on it, based off the content inside and it’s auto basis (if it’s in a flex container). It has to do with an infinite loop trying to adjust the components internal state when “dropped down”

I can’t see your layout here, but you could try putting it somewhere that it won’t grow or shrink horizontally in the meanwhile


Thanks for your workaround.
But I had to revert back to 8.0.12 version since my project has so many dropdown components and I couldn’t afford it.
Hope the bug would be fixed soon. I’m desperate to make use of system.util.audit().

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I’ve opened an internal ticket for this issue.


Hi @kgamble I’m using these dropdowns on coordinate container inside a tab container. Both containers are set to fixed and not resizing of components. But I still face the dropdown crash when I click. And its random on different dropdowns.

Any other suggestion for workaround?

Hi @cmallonee may I know if the bug will be addressed soon?

It’s currently in development and will be part of an 8.0.15 nightly build sometime next week.


I can provide exports of the view if needed

@wmbrits7 I moved your post here because we’re already aware and working on a fix.

do you recommend upgrading to 8.015 to resolve this issue?

Not yet, no. The fix actually didn’t successfully pass the QA process and was sent back to be touched up a bit more. The fix has been pushed back to 8.0.16.

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Is there any news on this please?

The fix for this was merged into 8.0.15 yesterday afternoon after a bump in the issue priority. You can expect to see the fix in the 8.0.15 stable release in a couple of weeks.


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