[BUG-16740] Ignition 8.0.13 Perspective page config screen black

Today I made some changes to my perspective project and encountered the below issue, which appears to be the similar to Ignition 8.0.3 Designer Black Screen - #9 by bzink1.

That post was resolved, but in the console I found the following:

At first I thought I must have made a window have 0 size, but after some experimentation it looks like what happened was that my top navbar was so wide (19200) and short (50) that the recently viewed windows thumbnail didn’t like it. Increasing the height above 100 fixed the issue and correcting the width to 1920 (what it was supposed to be) both fixed the issue.

This issue might not be particularly relevant since you probably shouldn’t be making 19,200 sized screens, but I thought I’d report it anyway.

Hah, well, it’s definitely an unusual situation, but it’s also probably an easy fix. We’ll take a look.