[Bug-16844] Vision Property Editor issue with long String value

I don’t typically need properties with long String values, but it’s a requirement for the Power Table’s .defaultColumnView

When a long string property is entered somewhere in the Vision Property Editor, boxes appear around all String properties. Does not go back to normal until the designer is restarted.

Expected Behavior
No boxes

Steps to Replicate
-Create a Power Table and paste this dataset into its data property:


-Toggle preview mode in the Designer.

Other Info
The Power Table’s Column Sizing property is automatically updated with a long String value, which causes the problem.
This problem is similar to the bug described here, but a long String property wasn’t mentioned, so possibly a different problem. Unusual properties behaivor in String Type - Designer, Bug? - #7 by jespinmartin1

Ignition 8.0.12
Windows 10

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