[BUG-1756] 8.1.0 system.tag.configure turns UdtInstance into AtomicTag

I have a script that takes in a csv with TagPath and then columns of the names of UDT parameters to set using system.tag.configure, however when I use it, the parameters are added as expected but the UDT tagType is converted to an AtomicTag where before the configure it was a UdtInstance.

As a single example, this is what I’m passing as the “tags” array into the configure function:

tag = {'name': '01', 'parameters': {'Description': {'dataType': 'String', 'value': 'Pump Station 1'}, 'Alarm_ParentPath': {'dataType': 'String', 'value': 'Hellow'}, 'Alarm_Area': {'dataType': 'String', 'value': 'Wine Delivery'}}}

system.tag.configure(basePath = tagParentPath, tags = [tag], collisionPolicy = 'm')

This does seem like a bug. I’ve opened a ticket. In the mean time always including 'tagType': 'UdtInstance' should allow it to persist.

Yep that’s what I did, works well with that in it. Very useful function!