[BUG-1820] Is the Eye dropper tool broken in 8.1?

I’m following this video from Inductive University: https://www.inductiveuniversity.com/videos/eyedropper-tool/8.1

I set up a red and green rectangle and a label. I left click the label (with fill background enabled), I left click the eye dropper, i then hover over the red or green rectangle. On the bottom left of my screen is the preview that says something like “Click to set the fill paint, Right-Click to set the stroke paint (#FFFFFF)”. This is the color that the label is set to and not the color of the shape I am hovering over.

Any assistance with this problem is appreciated.

Yeah it doesn’t really appear to work right at all. When I gave it a try it was pulling colors that didn’t even exist on the window at all and appeared to be completely random wherever my cursor was. I’ll get an internal ticket to get this fixed.

As an update, it was found that this only occurs if the designer is not on the primary display. Oddly enough, when the designer is not on the primary display the eye dropper tool will pull colors as if the cursor was on the primary display.

I suppose a workaround for the time being would be to move the designer window to your computers primary display when you need to use the eye dropper tool.

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Thanks for the update that did the trick!

Still broken when not using primary screen.